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    Here is the infinite scroll presets for the Canvas Theme (Woothemes).

    – open your wordpress admin panel
    – go in the woothemes Theme Options
    – under the Display Options of the Canvas Theme, select “Next/Previous” as Pagination style.

    This is a very important step.

    Then, use the following informations to configure Infinite Scroll.

    Content Selector : #main
    Navigation Selector : div.nav-entries
    Next Selector : div.nav-entries a:first
    Item Selector : #content

    Demo :

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  • As of Canvas 5.2.0, this no longer seems to work. Does anyone have an update?

    Yes, I’m also looking for the new Canvas selector values.

    Anybody got this working for Canvas 5.2.5?

    Hi all, I am using canvas 5.2.6 and also looking for the correct setup to get this to work again?

    I’ve got it working on woocommerce using canvas so this may work (I’ve got the canvas pagination settings set to numbers not next/prev though:

    #content #main

    This is what works for woocommerce, so tinker if the above doesn’t work for posts.

    #content #main ul.products
    ul.products li.product

    Thanks for the feedback Grumbledook, Can I ask which version of canvas are you using. I am using the latest canvas 5.2.7 and your settings above dont seem to do the trick for me. I have tinkered quite a bit at this stage with firebug with little success so if anyone has any other thoughts on this that would be great. Thanks for your time.

    thanks for this!

    Neither works for me either :/

    I don’t have any posts on my install right now to test it with, only products with woocommerce products. If I manage to get some time to test it out I’ll try and remember to report back.

    If its any worth to anyone, I asked the woo guys to test it on a few of their themes and they reported back saying it not work on any of the newer themes they tested it on so maybe something is a miss here.

    Just upgraded another of my sites using canvas to 5.2.7 and my own custom child theme.

    Canvas Theme Options -> Display options -> Pagination Style set to Numbers

    Inf Scroll settings:

    #content #main

    This works fine on my site.

    yes I can also confirm that those settings work Grumbledook – the one that I had different was the final one for .post

    Thank you for your time on this.

    This works perfect on my home page when I set my front page reading settings to show “Your latest posts.” However, it does not work when on my Canvas Blog template. Is there any way to get it functioning there (or the magazine template)? The selectors look like they should be exactly the same so not sure why it’s not working.

    Thanks again Grumbledook and everybody else!

    Hard to say without looking at your site and seeing what the css id and classes are. Those are the settings on my blog page (I don’t have them on the front page) and it’s the default untouched canvas template.

    Only thing that it may be is if you have the pagination settings not set to numbers in the theme settings?

    I am using the same setup as you – untouched canvas 5.2.7 and child theme & pagination set to numbers.

    Here is the front page working.
    Blog template page not working.

    The selectors look the same to me so I don’t know why it would not be working. Let me know if you have any idea.

    Both links are the same page…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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