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    Is there a way to add the infinite scroll functionality to article pages? When a visitor scrolls passed the comments section, I want to start loading the latest stories.

    Currently, I am doing a wp_query to pull in the latest n stories, but I would like this to be an infinity load spot.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    I’m afraid Infinite Scroll wasn’t built to work that way.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to include the whole post content on your home page, so your readers can scroll from post to post without having to click to read a single article?

    Unfortunately, loading the whole post content on the homepage is not a realistic solution for my needs.

    Thanks a lot for the plugin, anyway. It’s great.

    Hi harvitronix,

    I’m currently trying to do the same thing. Have you found a solution yet—either with Jetpack or some other plugin? Below I’ve posted links to threads discussing a similar issue.

    And hi Jeremy! I too would like to know what harvitronix has in mind with his/her infinite scroll on individual posts. In the meantime I wanted to let you know what my team was planning so you can weigh in.

    Although we’re using infinite scroll on the main body of the blog portion of the site, for usability and SEO reasons my team wanted each post to be viewable as an individual post.

    SEO reasons:
    • We are migrating our site and currently each post is a unique page, so we want to match 1 old URL for 1 new URL.

    Usability reasons:
    • Ever try to “bookmark” an article that’s only available on a page that scrolls infinitely? It’s terrible! There are some solutions, but they haven’t been adopted on WordPress yet (that I’ve seen). So for the time being we want to maintain unique URLs and unique pages for our visitors to bookmark and share with others. But then when visitors view an individual article, we still want them to easily access our other content. That’s why we’re trying to develop infinite scroll in both directions: scroll up (or click a “Load Newer Posts” button) and you’ll get newer posts loaded on top of the post you cam to see originally. Scroll down or click the “Load Older Posts” button and you’ll be served older posts below the post you came to see.

    The same way we developers believe that infinite scroll on the main blog index will, in general, encourage people to read more content, I hope that this feature on an individual blog post will encourage people who land on an individual blog post to read more content. My team’s trying to optimize our landing pages by including actions that are easily accomplished.

    Catch my drift? Whatcha think about the idea?

    Take care!
    (harvitronix, unless you’d like me to PM you when I find a solution, I’ll post here with my results).

    Here’s a link to a thread where the readers got the “Infinite Scroll” plugin to work with Custom Post Types.

    And here’s another thread that shows how to get the Infinite Scroll plugin to work on Custom Post Pages.

    I eventually created my own infinite scroll function based on this tutorial:

    I wanted my function to to display older posts below and newer posts above. I didn’t know how to do that using get_posts or query_posts so I created my own queries.

    If anyone wants my code, I’ll post it. Otherwise I’ll assume the tutorial was enough.

    I’ve been searching for a solution to this as well. Love to see your code if possible nanoo_k. Thanks!

    Hey noyz319, give me a day or so but I’ll get it up!

    Hi Nanoo_k

    Any news on that as well ?
    Im trying to load the next post with infinite scroll.
    let me know


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