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  1. jOt Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Help! I need this resolved ASAP as this is a production blog - any help would be appreciated!

    My blog was set up at http://myaccount.host.com/blog, but it was actually pointed to by http://www.company.com/blog. In other words, my "WordPress Address (URL)" was set to the former, my "Site Address (URL)" to the latter.

    I need to convert this to a multisite setup with domain mapping, but unfortunately this required me to move the physical location of my blog from http://myaccount.host.com/blog to http://myaccount.host.com/.

    This was easy enough to do: I worked with my host to move the blog from the "blog" subdirectory to the root folder. Then I contacted my IT department and they pointed http://www.company.com/blog to http://myaccount.host.com instead of http://myaccount.host.com/blog.

    In WordPress, I was able to change my "WordPress Address (URL)" to http://myaccount.host.com instead of http://myaccount.host.com/blog. So far, so good - I have access to the backoffice.

    Unfortunately, the front end results in an infinite redirect loop. The ONLY way I can get it to stop is to change the "Site Address (URL)" to match the "WordPress Address (URL)", which is http://myaccount.host.com.

    However, if I do this, when a customer visits http://www.company.com/blog, they are redirected to the ugly host address, http://myaccount.host.com." This also kills our SEO.

    Ultimately, I need this to work EXACTLY as before, where a customer views our blog through http://www.company.com/blog, but the blog needs to be in the root directory of my hosting account instead of the /blog subdirectory.

    I hope that was reasonably clear - please help!

    PS - I haven't even starting setting up multisite yet - all these problems are on a simple installation.

  2. jOt Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Please disregard. Our IT department did not have the redirect correctly set up on their end. We've resolved the issue.

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