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  • Yesterday I was working on my site and at one point I decided to change a top-level page to be a child of another top-level page. Shortly thereafter I thought the better of it and changed it back to a top-level page. Since then, visiting said page results in an eternal redirect loop.

    As I understand, recent versions of WP have an auto-redirect feature to reduce redundant permalinks by redirecting an old permalink to its new URL if the permalink has changed. That’s a great feature but my guess is that it is causing the original URL to redirect to my modified URL, which is redirecting to the second modification, which happens to be the same as the original URL and so redirects again, etc ad infinitum.

    I don’t know how to manually edit the database to remove the rogue redirects, but I’ll look into it today.

    I thought it best to post here before opening a ticket to see if anyone else could confirm that this is a real bug?

    (Also it would be nice to have WP2.7 as an option in the Version dropdown of this New Topic form!)

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  • I can’t reproduce this behaviour against trunk. Do you have a specific permalink setup? Is there anything odd about the Page names? Do you have static front page?

    If you switch your permalinks back to non-pretty and then pretty again does the issue go away? How are you accessing the Page?

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    Hmmm. My permalink structure is /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/. The page is called “Get On!”. I do indeed have a static front page. If I switch permalinks and back nothing changes. I am accessing the page by clicking the menu link as generated by wp_list_pages.

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    I think I’ve found the problem, it was in fact in the Redirection plugin, which detects and adds redirects for modified posts but doesn’t bother checking to see if it’s creating a loop in the process 🙂

    Problem solved!

    I had this exact problem and it was also caused by the Redirection plugin. The problem also actually prevented me from removing the redirection record in Modified Posts. Trying to delete that record caused it to loop and fill the log full of hits to it.

    I wish I could describe it better but I’m new to redirection. Absolute madness is the best I can come up with. Luckily I had just installed redirection and didn’t have a load of records in it. So I just disabled the plugin and reinstalled it.

    Now it seems the plugin does not come with a record already in the Modified Posts group which caused this issue.

    Oh, the plugin actually monitors urls for changed posts and then adds the redirect records automatically into the Modified Posts group for the pages.

    So you need to turn off Url Monitoring in options to stop this.

    Hmm, I’d like to have this feature turned on but infinite loops are a no-no.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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