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  • I have a big problem. Our websites suddenly have a infinite loop. Now our webhoster blocked all our websites. Does anyone know if there are script codes to stop this infinite loop? Or in what files this can be? And what it looks like.
    I really hope someone can help us, because this is a big problem for us.


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  • Does your website have an address or we should try guessing that too?

    Hi shirazdrum,

    All our websites are temporarily shutdown untill this problem is resolved. But some of them are,

    Thanks for your reply.


    Without seeing what exactly is happening, no one is going to be able to help you. You need to ask your host to reinstate your site temporarily for trouble shooting.

    Hi shirazdrum,

    I asked them several times, but they won’t do that for us. They say the load is to big wich will cause other clients websites to become slow. I think that’s not true, because we had this before and were back online for 1 week.

    They tell us to test our sites on a local machine with a programm like WAMP server, bitnami or something. The only thing is, i’ve never done that, so have to figuere this out or hire a php programmer to do this for us.

    Thanks for your reply’s and a happy new year!


    They are being totally unreasonable, they should give you a chance to have look at your site. Honestly, once this issue is resolved, ditch them and go with a decent host.

    As for setting up your sites on a local machine, I’m afraid if you have never done that, you’ll spend more time and precious hair on your head trying to that. If you are running a business, it would be penny wise and dollar foolish to have the sites down even a minute than trying to ask for free help.

    I can help you setup the WAMP on Skype if needed, so if you need help, just give me shout here or just click on my name for skype and phone numbers.

    Happy New Year and good luck.



    Hi Chris,

    You are right, they are really being unreasonable, because they suspended our account a week before, not knowing what the problem was, and after that we were back online for a week. So it’s not such a big problem as they say. And you’re right, i am loosing hair this way 🙂

    I will contact some php/wordpress programmers, that’s the best thing to do. Thanks for throwing me a line with your skype! Maybe i’ll contact you, but first contact the proffesionals about this. Super that you’re willing to help me with that. I’m beginning starting my bussiness, so the sites should always be online. You’re totally right.

    Thank you!

    And also cheers 🙂


    You are welcome.

    P.S. This is what I do for living, so you could call me a professional 🙂 just click on my name if you need to fix this thing.

    Hi Chris,

    I noticed that, very nice graphic website and beautifull work! I will put your site in my favorites 🙂

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