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  1. pmhaynes
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have the "already installed" error when trying to login to my wordpress locally hosted site.

    It is a locally installed site so i have conplete control over everything from mysql to ftp to ssh.

    Installed wordpres and worked a treat.
    Tried to move to network setup could not get it working thought oh well ill go back to simple install.

    Deleted everything and i mean everything
    Database dropped
    Folder(s) deleted
    made sure any .htaccess files were detleted.
    Made sure re-wrire mode was turned off
    (no longer need it if not using multisite)

    Scanned googl and this site for help
    Lots of people have this issue but i can t find an answer that works for me

    As i say i have tried delteing everything and downloading, unzipping files. recreating wp-config.php and database and sql user
    Tried using different nams for database and user
    Changed the Databaase prefix from wp_ to anything else

    When i re install from scratch the sites loads and builds the database no errors. create new site with different site name, create aaccount. try and login with account and i get the "already installed error"
    If i click login again but dont login and chosse "back to mysiteurl"
    i am logged into my site.
    If i then click anything else but dashboard the site behaves as expected. If i choose dashboard i get "already installed error"

    Driving me crazzzzyyyy

    Any ideas please


  2. pmhaynes
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Just tried another thing i found on site.
    I changed the "define db host" to the IP address instead of "localhost"

    No good

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