• I inspected the code and you’re loading all the popups you have, hidden in the HTML of every page you place a pop-up. This is absolutely inefficient and results in a very ugly code. Especially if you have a lot of pop-ups…

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    @kitchenartist – Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but it sounds like you completely overlooked the Targeting tab of the popup editor. It clearly states if you set no conditions a popup will be rendered to every page on your site (by default). This is intentional as the #1 use of the plugin is to set up a popup form from a menu item, thus the popup needs to be on everywhere for that to work properly.

    Further the code there is for backward compatibility, we could easily remove all but the classes and id at this point, none of it is used in our code, but since we have so many sites with custom code running, simply removing that could result in breakage for a lot of people.

    In any case we would love for you to take another look as our targeting capabilities are unmatched and you didn’t even try them yet ;).


    With all of these facts in mind we would kindly as that you revise your rating as we work awful hard to make sure our plugins have minimal impact on your sites performance. In fact if you added 1000 empty popups to the page the load time would barely be affected at all, we run 2-3 queries no matter how many popups you create and with proper caching those are reduced to 0.

    But if you add 100 popups with images & video, and don’t add conditions it could have an impact, but that’s based on what you added, not what we did ;).

    Feel free to message us at https://wppopupmaker.com/support/ happy to help with issues just like this ;).

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    Sorry, I did’t see that option. However it would be nice if it was setted automatically by default in the pages you have a reference to that popup.

    Thanks for the response.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @kitchenartist – We have tried that, but its even more ineficient server side than the extra html on the page would be. We have to scan the output of the entire page and process it for matches. Doing this on the server is called output buffering and is extremely cost inneffective and can kill server response times.

    That said we could detect when you use a shortcode etc, but we have had it set to off by default (requiring you to add conditions to make it work on any page). The issue then becomes users have to be educated on those facts. Even if they only plan to use the plugin to make one popup which will be on every page and linked to a main menu contact link (the #1 usage of our plugins).

    So when we did that it resulted in hundreds of tickets a month of users asking why their popup wouldn’t work, they never set conditions. So we changed it to be on by default, and for most of our users this is ideal, but also reduced our support load drastically which is good for a team of 1 (me).

    You might say “why don’t you document it better”, we did then and it is now, but if you didn’t see it, can’t expect others to read it either ;).

    Very much appreciate you updating your rating, and for the honest feedback. Having done it both ways I can say one is better than the other in this case, maybe not for everyone, but we can’t build the perfect solution for everyone, even though that’s what we have tried to do.

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