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  • Just wondered if anyone kindly knows of a plug-in to discriminate and give higher status to chosen categories ?

    I’ve been needing this since, like, forever.

    Basically, on my blog each post may have about 6-7 categories: these look all the same in an equality and are naturally alphabetical.

    Now, two of my categories are essential — always used, and alternate — use of one excludes the other. Call them ‘Big‘ and ‘Small‘.

    What I would like is for them to have their own position ( preferably top-right, but it doesn’t matter that much ); be larger in font-size to be superior to the rest; and to be coloured differently.

    A plug-in that did just one of these for chosen categories would be appreciated, one can’t expect too much, but combining plug-ins to get 2 or three aspects would be fine.

    I don’t use tags, and this applies only to post categories on the page, nothing to do with widgets or sidebars. Any conversion to other taxonomies is impossible if it means individually changing >500 posts…


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