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    A client just got in touch to say they have lost their individual staff pages. This one for example now just redirects to the homepage:

    The staff page now just opens the profile in a lightbox (with new unformatted styling it seems). Not something that can be shared and linked to easily like an actual page. Therefore all their past staff pages are now redundant when found on a google search. They all just lead to the homepage.

    They also used the ‘Title Image’ in the ‘custom staff content’ to present a large header image for each staff member. This doesn’t seem to be called into place in the lightbox. Just a repeat of the featured image.

    I’ll look at trying to assign our old custom css styles to this new lightbox format. But it would be great to have the option to show full profiles in both single pages and lightbox.

    Also, if you try and use the ‘Staff Page ID’ to specify a main staff page, there are no options to change the display order as far as I can see. Unlike using a shortcode.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Actually, scratch that. I can’t change most of the CSS font styles as you have gone and added !important to most of them.

    Plugin Author Edward


    You can still link to staff profiles directly. Each time you click on a profile you’ll notice the URL is appended with a custom query string.

    Such as this on your Staff page:


    The parameter “uid” contains the staff member “slug” and that URL will automatically open the modal for that specific staff user.

    So if you need to update old links, you can use a 301 redirect to point them in the right place.

    Note that you need to be running the latest version (2.0.2 at the time of this writing) for those URLs to work on pages using “shortcode” staff display.

    Regarding the CSS, the important rules are required to make Staffer compatible with most themes. You need to be more specific in your CSS and perhaps have important rules as well to override styling.

    You can still link to staff profiles directly.

    Not true for me. My staff profile pages completely disappeared. Even the “View” link disappeared from the admin. I poked around in the plugin code and figured out why.

    In public/class-staffer-public.php, where the CPT is registered, “public” was set to false:
    Line 85 register_post_type('staff', array(
    Line 98 'public' => false,

    I changed that to true, and everything worked for me again. This makes me reluctant to update the plugin. I may rollback to the Feb 2015 version and stick with that, going forward.

    What prompted this sudden flurry of interest in this plugin after more than 2 years neglected, anyway?

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    Thanks Springthistle, that change helps a lot (running Staffer 2.1.0 at the moment). I don’t see any downside to it. Edward, is there any chance you could release a new version with Springthistle’s fix in it?

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    I’m having the same problem and it has caused a major issue for my client. My client wants me to publish direct links to the individual staff pages in a drop down menu item, so I can’t just add the staffer items directly to the menu and all of the items we have in place now have to re-created.

    Looks like we’ll be rolling back the plugin to an older version.

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