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    I really like the Woocommerce platform, im using it for more than 3 years on my projects.
    But as of now i have a dilema.

    Basically i was wondering if there is a possibility in adding individual pricing for variations?!

    The idea for grouped variations is good for products like clothing, when the value of the product stays the same even if you pick an XL size and the color RED.
    Or for products that have a small amount of variations.
    But if you are building a more complex product, like an air conditioning system for houses, in this case are 3 main variables and each main variable has a set of 3 to 20 sub variables (Main variables: Outside AC unit (3 models), inside AC unit (20 models), cooling agent (3 variables).
    And setting a price for a number this large of variables is not really smart and efficient.

    I just want to set the value for each variable and then the client selects them via a drop-down, the total price is a sum of the variables selected.

    Is there a plugin for this or i missed something in the configuration menu?

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  • Sven Hutchinson


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi there,

    You can set a price for each variation combination.
    i.e a Small red t-shirt can be a different price from a Large blue t-shirt.

    Each variation combination has the field to add it’s own price.

    If however you are wanting to have individual priced products as the options then you would want to look to something like Composite Products which is good for kits/units where there are different components and each component is it’s own product making up a main product.

    You can also use Product Add-Ons with it for any extra things that are not products i.e gift wrapped for example, not that I am sure why you’d be gift wrapping an AC unit!)

    Hope that helps.

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