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  • Hi folks,

    I’ve been reading around a few older indexed posts, but haven’t come across exactly what I am looking for (or I’m blind, I’m known for not seeing the forests for the trees 🙁 ).

    I’m currently testing a WordPress installation with a bridged phpBB Forum.
    Every user logged into the forum gets logged in to WP too, and vice versa. The WP site is intended to run as a CMS, with news, galleries, the usual.

    What I’d like to do is every registered user being able to have their own blog in the WP system. As such I’m looking for a plugin or a combination of plugins which can restrict the availability and visibility of categories to ‘blogs’ only, and every new posted article by the particular user gets added to
    wpsite.tld/blogs/username/slug, e.g.

    while other other categories are not affected by it, so other articles going to news will continue to go to
    without having e.g. the admin’s username there (

    I came across ‘role-scope’ earlier and gave it a try, though it does not appear to do what I’m looking for.

    Seen role-manager suggested, however the plugin site only lists compatibility to WP2.6.

    A multi-site network would probably not work either, since it’ll break the phpBB link, which is achieved through a plugin in the mainsite, and as the WP article for networks state, data is not interconnected between multisites.

    Any ideas/input/suggestion is appreciated 🙂



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