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    I need to find a plugin, that will allow for individual membership content once a user logs in.
    Such, that, a specific pdf (or other content) may be uploaded by the administrator, into a specific user profile/account – and then when that user logs in, they will see ONLY their information. This needs to be confidential – the pdfs will contain information such as bank statements.
    The user should also have the ability to update their account information (ideally be prompted to do so) and as well send emails to the administrator.

    Will this plugin allow me to do this?


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  • KTS915


    I have something like this on one of my sites. I can describe how I do it; I’ll be interested to hear Cristian’s ideas.

    What I have done is use s2Member’s custom capability function to set up a page for each user. (You could instead just utilize the plugin’s ability to have a different Welcome page for each user).

    Then I have used the same capability to set up a folder in my installation for each user, which (like the page) only that user and I (as admin) can access.

    This enables me to upload documents to that folder and then display links to them on the relevant user’s page. I then use the WordPress File Upload plugin to generate a shortcode for each page, which means that each user can upload documents to his/her secure folder.

    Yes, custom capabilities is what I’d use. See: WP Admin -> s2Member -> Scripting -> Custom Capability

    See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBltDUopo1U

    I hope that helps. 🙂



    Thanks KTS and Christian, will take a serious look into those options, much appreciated.
    Have also been advised that BuddyPress could be suitable.
    Will take a look at that as well.

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