• This Plugin helps you to make your WordPress website much more secure.

    Some features (all optional and selectable):

    – Backup of Database;
    – Enforce strong passwords;
    – Protect WordPress header revealing as little information as possible;
    – Non-administrators cannot see available updates;
    – Change Admin user ID;
    – Change Database table prefix;
    – Schedule Backups of your WordPress database (Local and Email);
    – Admin area is available 24/7. change this if you not use all time;
    – Block known bad hosts and agents with HackRepair.com’s blacklist;
    – Protect Login Area from brute force attacks;
    – Hide Admin area is not hidden.
    – Helps you to make a secure .htaccess file;
    – Helps you to prevent attackers trying to scan your site for vulnerabilities;
    – Look for changed files in your wordpress installation;
    – Not allow users to edit theme and plugin files from the WordPress backend;
    – Obscure version information to all non admin users;
    – You should rename the wp-content directory of your site;
    – You could require a secure connection for logins or for the admin area;

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