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  • hi
    Good stuff! I really like the use of large images, the load speed is slow but not too bad, content is good, I think that your contact form labels need a lighter colour as theyre hard to spot/read.

    Hey Alfiya, I love the site! But a few suggestions (please don’t take them anything more than constructive criticism and personal opinions because you really do have a great site and also concept going with the company).

    On the artists page, you should list out all of the artists you currently have on your label at the top and include links for each, social media, or whatever you want to do – just put something though that tells people who is on your label. When I first looked at it, I was under the impression you only had one artist and it was because you had only the newly signed DJ and his video in the content part. And if you put the list at the top not too large, you can always then put updated posts about new artists, etc. like you already have one of underneath.

    Also I agree with the above comment about the comments section. It is really hard to read and squint at to use.

    Lastly (and this is the part that made me put the earlier disclaimer about not to take things as more than my own opinion that could be completely different than everyone and your market or you just disagree ha), but the opening home graphics. First off, I LOVE the colors and whole scheme and look of everything. This may just be a girl, fashion, I used to live in Miami and be around it all the time and the electronic music market-issue I have, but possibly pick another bathing suit for your hot girl? Ha. There is something about the one-piece cut-outs that can be off-putting to people it’s a huge love or hate thing. Since it’s the first thing people see, it could immediately give a person negative impressions of the rest of your site, business, and content.

    Also, I had a few questions that I sent to you in a message via your site because I didn’t want to take up too much space on here. Good luck with your page, it already looks amazing!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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