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  • I posted this as a comment but I want to start a new thread because I think it’s a unique problem.

    I’m using WordPress 1.2.1 for a website about the war situation in Nepal. I can type Indic/Devanagari script posts in the WordPress post text area, or I can cut and paste from another source. Anyway, I am posting valid Unicode Devanagari script of Nepali texts.

    It shows up properly in MS Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla. But it does show up fine in the WordPress post page, and on the preview on the lower part of that page.

    In other words, it’s stored fine, and Mozilla is able to show Indic Unicode fine. But WordPress must be doing some mangling processing when it shows the post on the main page.

    You can see a sample here:

    (If you don’t know what good Devanagari looks like, it doesn’t have all those dotted-line circles. Those are some kind of placeholder for some Devanagari characters, and they should not show up in the final text.)

    As an old-time coder, my suspicion is that some algorithm is taking the post and spitting it out character-by-character with some invisible spacer in between, and this is breaking up all the character combinations. In Devanagari, characters show differently depending on what is immediately before or after it, because they combine together. If they are broken up then they show up as free-standing versions with that dotted line circle as placeholder.

    I even tried a plug-in called wpunformatted that I found on the net, but it didn’t change anything.

    How can I stop WordPress from mangling my beautiful Nepali texts?

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  • Well, I looked at the source of the page that looks broken in Mozilla, and the Nepali text is just fine in the source. So I would say this is a Mozilla problem, not a WordPress problem. Still I need to find a solution – and wonder why Mozilla shows Devanagari fine in some places and broken on pages like mine. Something in the formatting using CSS must be breaking it?

    If anyone finds out please post something on my website to tell me what you know. Thanks.

    Yes, it is a Mozilla problem – Mozilla apparently can’t show justified Devanagari text, which is a big problem to me and the Indic users I am sure. Anyway I solved this a little by adding a tag of:

    div style=”text-align:left”

    at the top of the post text and the closeing div tag at the end. Still the title shows up badly.

    I just checked your site (at the sample page you’ve given above and on other pages, too) in FF1 and it shows the Nepali(?) text nicely, same as in IE6.

    That is weird because I am using FireFox 1.0 and it shows all messed up for me. Only non-justified text shows correctly. I think I am using the 07 November 2004 build of FireFox – is this what you’re using?

    Well, sorry… I took a second look with my better glasses, and now I’ve found a strange character in the text both in FF1 and XP/IE6, namely this: Ã¥
    It was difficult to notice because it does not differ that much from the rest of the text.

    I am aware of the justify bug. If you look at the following sites which are Devanaagri/Hindi all of them have justify turned off


    Moshu, that strange character is a problem with my text because I didn’t edit it all yet. I am slow to edit Nepali text. But if the first couple of paragraphs show fine with no spacer between every character, then that is still strange.

    My funny characters every now and then come from the program I use to convert from the hackjob Nepali fonts to Unicode Nepali. They’re published openly by मदन पà¥?रसà¥?कार पà¥?सà¥?तकालय at the website — sometimes the converter messes up a little and you have to hand-edit the resulting text.

    Now I have edited the stylesheet and set posts to “text-align: left”. So that is that — never can have justified Devanagari because I love to use FireFox, not IE.



    Yes Indic script display is broken in Mozilla , Firefox and even in Opera. The main reason being that these browsers do not make use of Microsoft’s Uniscribe mechanism which is available to IE.
    But most problematic rendering problem of all is the Vowel i which comes after the letter in these browsers while IE renders it correctly.
    I have done a simple thing just to correct the vowel i part on these browsers. I use a javascript on my blog to put the vowel i in front of the letter it is meant for while displaying the web page.
    I have that post here:
    The intial stuff is written in maraathi, but you can ignore that if you do not know maraathi. I have the javascript there at the bottom of the post.

    Hope that should take care of at least that vowel i problem on your web pages and clear the most annoying problem off your web-site.


    I am also experiencing the same problem. I am using Firefox Nepali Localized version 1.0.6. When I access a site like which consists of all nepali text, I get something unreadable. How to fix this problem?

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