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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi intrepidkarthi,

    as you know, Kashmir is a disputed territory between China, Pakistan and India. Each country administrates a part of Kashmir.

    WP SlimStat relies on a third-party piece of software called AmMap, to generate that World Map that you saw. Apparently there are other users who think quite the opposite:

    You may want to get in touch with them to see if they can correct the problem, and I’ll be more than happy to include the new maps, once they release them.

    Thank you

    PS: a vote for my plugin would be a nice way to say thank you.

    Hi Camu,

    This is the reply I got from ammap guys.
    Martynas Majeris (amCharts Help & Support)

    Mar 10 11:29 (EET)


    amMap provides different versions of the World map. Including different ways that handles Kashmir.

    If you look at our default World map available on our website you’ll see that all of the Kashmir is attributed to India.

    Unfortunately we have no control over which version is used in the software that you use. (in this case SlimStat). You should put in a complain or a request with them if you think their choice of maps is not right.
    He sent one screenshot. That contains the map exactly as it is in India wikipedia page.

    And I have voted for the plugin 🙂

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi there,

    thank you for following up on this. If you notice, version 2.9.5 includes the new map, indeed. Things will get even better with version 3.0, which includes a JavaScript map instead of the their Flash one.


    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    PS: I don’t see your vote/review, there must be a problem somewhere…

    Thats my bad. Voted properly now. Waiting for the plugin update. Thanks anyway 🙂

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Thank you, really appreciated. Contact me if you want to test the new version before it’s released to the public 😉


    Regarding this issue I tend to disagree. Kashmir continues to be a disputed territory. Sadly, even the Indians do no know that Kashmir has a separate constitution and is considered disputed to this date by the United Nations.

    I will appreciate if the map is more logical and truthful instead of blatant lies that Indian politicians tell.

    Sorry to drag you (the author) in this, but seriously some people want to drag politics here as well!

    And thank you for your plugin. Going to use it, and yes will submit a review.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse



    you can always download the other map from, and simply replace the corresponding JavaScript file in admin/view/js. The problem, however, is how services like MaxMind associate IP addresses to Kashmir. For what I can see here

    Kashmir is considered part of India when it comes to mapping IP Addresses to Countries. You may want to send them an email to see what they say 😉

    Looking forward to your review,

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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