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  • Greetings. I recently installed WordPress on a WinNT machine with IIS 4. (I know … working on an upgrade!). The install went fine but any link that has index.php in it doesn’t work correctly. For example, a category link looks like this:

    If I click on such a link, the default index.php page is displayed. On maybe a related note, when I login, the default page does not show the dashboard topics; I only see the latest activity for my blog in the upper right hand corner.

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  • In options/general under Blog address (URI):, be sure to add “index.php” at the end of it.

    However, you will end up geting the same problem I have at

    Thanks for the reply. The answer seems to be … it won’t work with this configuration!

    have searched this forum for permalinks which seems like what you want. Also I think podz mentioned using index.php in the blog address will bugger up your site

    Jinsan – thanks for the reply but it’s not a permalink issue. The issues seems to be with IIS. With Apache, if it sees a link like /?cat=1 it runs that as /index.php?cat=1. But IIS trys to actually run /?cat=1 which fails.

    Also, the dashboard does not display properly (at all) which makes me think there is also some sort of xml issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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