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  • I’ve created a wordpress theme on one server, got it completely working. I then transfered the theme files to another host / server, I exported my pages from the old server and inputted them into the new wordpress installation.

    The problem I am having is that the only template being used is the index.php template. This includes only the information from the Homepage. I have a page.php file and other template files that have all worked on the other server. I tried creating more page specific templates such as for my equipment-leasing page, I created a template called equipment-leasing.php, this page still did not use this template, I cannot access these pages from the file editor page. I also created a template called category-(my cat #), still no luck.

    I have looked through all the options and settings, is there anything I am missing?

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Gabriel McCay

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  • a) for Pages to use a specific Page template – you have to create the Page AND select the template for it in the Write Page section. Other than that you should NOT do anything with templates in the admin area!
    b) Does your category ID# and the template category-XX.php match?

    a) I was doing nothing except that in the admin area, I created the template, I set the template in the write page section. I made templates and pages called page.php, page-(my-id).php, category-(my-id).php, 404.php, etc..

    b) Im only using pages, not categories, but the page id and my category-id.php do match.

    This is the page im working on

    When you type anything after the last / it still brings up the index.php template.

    I have looked at this hierarchy page and I believe my hierarchy is right.

    BTW. Thank you for the quick response on this. Much appreciated

    When you type anything after the last /

    Well, that tells everything. You do NOT access any of the template files directly! Ever.
    Read again what I wrote about using Page templates.
    And if you are NOT using posts… the category template is useless. Only posts have categories.

    There is no “right” or “wrong” hierarchy. I am afraid you didn’t spend enough time with the Template_Hierarchy article.

    EDIT. p.s. Finance firms have a lot of money… they should hire a pro!

    Hi There

    Sorry, I think you got confused, In the admin Area, the only things I have done are:
    Created a page, and assigned a template to it in the edit page section. These are the only things I have done in the admin area.

    I am working for a website design company, we are just new to wordpress, thank you very much for your quick support responses. I am pretty sure I have the proper templates needed to not display the index.php file, I have the page.php template, which is what im trying to make my standard page template.

    It is my understanding that if there is a page.php file, wordpress will use this before using the index.php file, AM I correct in assuming this?

    I have created sub pages but when I link to them I get taken to a page that just displays the index.php template.

    Try out the top 4 Main navigation, all these pages exist in WordPress. I have set up the iinclude plugin to use the page slug, and that is what my top 4 nav items are linking too. The page slug of these pages. Example…..

    Please view this jpg to see one of the errors I am getting.

    When I try to create a page template by adding this into the top of the php template file

    Template Name: Page-15

    I upload this file into the wordpress directory, and when I go into wordpress I get access to this template but it looks like this..

    The page i set this template on still ends up using the index.php template.

    Thank you

    Where do we invoice to?

    Im sorry I did not know you require payment for support for WordPress. IF this is so I guess I will just have to tough this one out myself, I was just hoping someone had seen an error like this before and could give me a hand.

    If anyone does have any clue of what this issue might be,I would appreciate any help that is given or offered.

    Many thanks

    Gabriel McCay

    Thank you wordpress support forums for your AMAZING (*sarcastic*) help you provided me on this issue. I have installed wordpress before, and I can not figure out this error.

    My permalinks custom structure is set to /%pagename% but for some reason the only way i can access my pages is by typing this after the

    I can not access my pages like this which would be ideal, for keywords and such.

    I have been able to make it work with the default “ugly” page id structure.

    I am a junior web developer trying to do this site for my friend, I am not charging him much, but this issue has been plaguing me for 3 days now. Please some one must have had an issue like this before.

    Thanks again

    Sarcasm isn’t all that inspirational, but here’s a start: Search for “permalinks”. Check the Permalinks page for troubleshooting.

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