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  • i’m trying to figure out where the index.php is coming from in my links. i have about 5 wordpress sites currently up and the links all go or, but i have one site that is going or i contacted godaddy and they had no clue. the only thing different about this site than the others, is the hosting is on godaddy’s grid hosting, where the others are not, would that have something to do with it?

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  • Check your permalinks in Dashboard/Settings/Permalinks

    Using Permalinks « WordPress Codex

    thanks . . . checked permalinks, even in permalinks, it shows all the option include – there is no option without 🙁

    Chris Olbekson


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    Can you choose the custom structure and put this in:


    i tried that as well, it seems that if “index.php” is not present, it’s an error message, now if i do custom with “index.php” it works. something tells me i might be a problem from godaddy’s end but of course wordpress is not their product. i even removed wordpress and reinstalled it and it still gives the same result. thanks for responding though.

    What else is in .htaccess other than WP’s mod rewrite block? Check your wp-config file for an instance where the URL is set, like define('WP_SITEURL', ...

    Are you on a Windows or Linux server? If at GoDaddy, make sure you’re on Linux. Without it, you won’t get beyond “almost pretty” permalinks (the ones with the index.php in them). See more at the Using_Permalinks page in the Docs section.

    thanks again for responding . . . @songdogtech – i couldn”t find a mod rewrite block in my wp-config

    @chris yea, it’s on GoDaddy’s Windows “GRID BETA” hosting, it’s new hosting plan they are rolling out. so i should change? i know it’s something “minor” but that index.php is irritating.

    If “Grid Beta” is not running a current version of IIS, that’s the best you’ll ever get, I’m afraid. Newer versions of IIS are capable of getting you pretty permalinks but it takes some configuration that you may or may not be able to do.

    With Linux host it’ll “just work”…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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