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  • I have read a lot of posts about how to get a static page inside the site.
    I am looking for the opposite: index page wouldn’t gave dynamic posts but a static post (welcome message and introducing) and all other pages remain standard dynamic pages.
    Any suggestion about it ?
    Thanks to anybody can help.

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  • Try putting WordPress into a subfolder… That way your homepage could be while your weblog be at

    Really nice !
    I used and
    Very easy to do; some stuff for the style sheet but good result.
    Additional question:
    I am going to replace the loop in my new home page (see ) in order to display welcome message.
    Good solution instead of some words inside home.php would be to use one specific entry.
    How to assign in the home.php a specific entry ?

    Suppose I do that. I have an index.php and installed wp under /wp (for example), how do I use the templates to “affect” the index.php in the root directory of my site?

    OK, I have solved my problem… I basically copied index.php to my home.php, so now I have the static page I was looking for at the begining of the site.

    Now, how do I go to the “normal” blog screen? where do I have to point to? I was thinking on creating a new “index2.php” but it won’t work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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