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  • I have a self-hosted blog based on WordPress with Notion Theme by SharePoint Site installed. There are some serious problems.
    My domain is www[dot]smartphonezero[dot]com

    1. Previously, new posts I had created would be installed within the next few hours (less than 24 hours). Now, when I create new posts, they are not indexed by Google (posts that I published three days ago are not indexed by Google until now). But, Google still updates my homepage and archive pages, and I can see the title of my new posts because there’s a widget on my blog showing the recent posts. Of course, that condition will make my serp lower because the real posts are not indexed.

    2. My blog doesn’t have meta description tag on each post and I want to add the description tag for each post. Is there any safe and proven plugin to make this task easier, so my blog won’t be penalized due to over-optimization.

    How to solve these problems? Should I change the theme or use any plugin?

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  • are you not using yoaast plugin try using it

    I have just installed yoast plugin. The question is how to add different meta description on each page. What should I type on the Meta Description template box?

    The problem still happens until now. After I hadn’t updated my blog for 2 weeks, I started to posted to my blog again starting from April 18th. But, posts that I have posted since that date haven’t been indexed by Google until now.

    Check your Webmaster Tools account at Google and look for errors, indexed pages, and pages not indexed, etc. Also look for errors including duplicates, URLs not found, etc. The solution for these problems can also be found there.
    Your indexed URLs are here.

    I have checked my Google Webmaster Tools and the problem is not caused by those you have mentioned above. Is it normal if Google takes some days to index new blog posts?

    Is it normal if Google takes some days to index new blog posts?

    Depends on how popular or important your site is. For instance, if you try with some of the keywords in this thread, or its title, you can see this page on Google right now. So, it may take sometime, days or even weeks or months.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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