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    I have developed a simple quote system that makes it possible to copy text from one page to another. And 90% of the content is generated based on hidden pages, custom posts in my case). Unfortunately, the text is not indexed, and the shortcodes are simply ignored.

    Any way to index the content from shortcodes?


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    @adrianfx Thank you for contacting us. We will check your site and update soon.

    My site is not public yet.

    Plugin Author SearchIQ


    Please confirm if you are indexing the mentioned site.

    Yes, it’s still in development stage, that should not be public.

    Any updates / ideas?

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    How many pages are there on your website?

    There are only 4 pages that have content at this point, and you can see part of them in the next screenshots:

    In screenshot 1 you can see the word ‘delprosessen’ selected on one side and search results on the other.
    In screenshot 2 you can see how the text is pulled from other pages using shortcodes.

    I would have expected that the content that the user will see would match the search results.

    Also I would greatly appreciate if you would REMOVE the link from the comment above – it is not public and the information there requires and NDA to be accessed!

    It would be great if there would be an option to apply all shortcodes like apply_filters( 'the_content', $post->post_content);, instead of strip shortcodes from content.

    What do you think I should do next?

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    Adrian, we are finding the solution for your site. Regarding website link, we are unable to delete the comment.

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    Any updates?

    Also FYI, I have found a theme, that uses visual composer to insert “Layouts”, that seam to be content parts that can be used multiple times. These would not get index either. So I’m sure I will not be the only one with this problem.

    Any updates this week?

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    Can you please make the staging site public, put the sitemap and index your site using our JS solution.

    I’ve added “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin and created a sitemap. Next I did a “Full Resynchronize Posts” from your plugin. Staging site is available to public view.

    Not exactly sure where you JS solution is, or how sitemap plays in all this, but my problem remains the same. – search result to a page with lots of text, has empty text in it’s preview.

    As I’ve hinted in one of my comments above, you have a function strip_shortcodes_from_content in your plugin. As my content is created exclusive on shortcodes, and this basicaly deletes all my content. I could just hack my way in your extension, but I don’t want to create any issues. Maybe add an option to process shortcodes or not. This would solve my issue, and potentially any future clients.

    PS: You should be able to resolve this issue quite fast since I’ve already told you where the problem is.

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    JS solution is for non-wordpress websites. I have setup JS solution on your site and can see the page content in description.

    Please follow these steps:
    1. Deactivate SearchIQ plugin from wp backend.
    2. Login to SearchIQ dashboard and create non-wp engine by clicking on ‘No, it’s something else’. (screenshot attached)
    3. Once engine is created, go to ‘Interface->Installation’ and input script on header of web pages.
    4. Input Result page URL under ‘Result page’ tab. (screenshot attached)

    You can also check our user guide to install search. Please check the below screenshots.

    [ Signature deleted ]

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    I’ve tried it your way, I can see the results in account, but integration failed. I get the autocomplete, but the results page seams to fail to load anything.

    Also I need a way to hook in your JS to catch when the mobile form, transforms in full page search. Right now I have a hamburger style menu from the side, and that moves the body, but I need to know when your search has shown up so I can close the menu.

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