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  • Ok, here’s a call to someone that knows PHP (since I know only enough to be dangerous…)
    I stumbled across a really cool MT hack, and was wondering if this would be easy to do for WP? Since I’ve installed the Super Uber Blockquotes hack (which works great), it seems like this is the next logical step. Check out this page for citations, and this page for quotations.
    The actual MT templates that power with can be found here.
    In a nutshell, these scripts/templates are scouring posts and indexing cite tags (for citations), and q and blockquote tags (for quotations.) It’s giving a list of either people or websites with the number of references, like this:

    The following is a list of websites that we’ve quoted on Our Story.
    * (6)
    * (3)
    * (3)
    * (3)

    Then, when you click on one of the items (for example,, you get a list of each post where the quote (or citation) occured:

    These entries quote
    1. A Most Unusual Saturday (934 words)
    Oh, and my iPod? Want to marry it. A lot.—Ethan Marcotte, What’s great about these PowerBooks, anyway?I awake to Sarah’s voice, calling my name. We’re not at home—we’re at Running S Equine, in the little apartment on the second floor.…
    Ken Walker :: November 02, 2003 :: Family
    2. The Road to Section 508 (744 words)
    Well, this was inevitable: Our Story is now Section 508 compliant. That means that people with disabilities are better able to explore this site due to slight tweaks here and there in our code. If this sounds esoteric to you,…
    Ken Walker :: August 23, 2003 ::

    This would be terribly cool to have…

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