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  • I have been doing some work on a friend’s website…

    I have several blogs and am decently familiar with wordpress and back end website things, but I’m certainly no pro and could use some guidance here.

    This guy’s website started years ago as a regular html based website. It evolved into a blog based site, but behind a couple of the links, it still takes you to parts of the old html site, fine.

    The home page of the site was a wordpress blog page… then you could follow a couple of links to the old html site.

    Specifically, when you went to buy his book, it took you to the old html site.

    I made some changes to the html portions of the site, the buy a book page, which was the index.html file. I re-uploaded it to the root folder (public_html folder).

    Ever since… that file is the one that comes up when you type in the url:

    … it goes right to the ‘buy a book’ page… when in fact, we want…
    the ‘’ page (one of the wordpress blog pages) to appear as the ‘home page’ / main page when you type in

    I think i have to make changes to the index.php file to make this happen… am I right?

    I’ve got to have that page show as the home page.. any help, GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.

    (dave sure doesn’t no web design!)

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