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  • I have several posts titled example 1, example 2, example 3. Test 1, test 2, test 3,
    and i’ve tried az-index but it indexes each post itself instead of giving me two index titles such as example and test which then lead to a subpage with all the resulting posts titled either example or test. Is there a plugin that would help me get rid of the massive clutter a-z index is giving me.

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  • AZ index will do that for you

    you need to create like a page to add the examples and a page to add the test
    that create the respective indices.
    tag the posts and pages that are supposed to got to examples as example (i think you may need an additional tag-plugin that allows you to tag pages also) and than tag the others as tests … they should than show up separately

    Or did I misunderstand what you are trying to achieve.

    I use that to have an alphabetical index to all my posts and pages as well as to have a section specific index to all posts and pages. And I love az index

    the index file is found under tools

    Index ID [automatically assigned]
    Index Name [examples / test / section 1 / section 2 …]
    Included [pages / posts …]
    Categories [if you want to specify certain categories]
    Tags [here I chose specific tags as you would chose example and test, I have for instance a glossary, those I don’t want to appear somewhere else so I chose to exclude those tagged as glossary with ~glossary, I also have an archive so everything with the tag archive goes to that index]
    Heading Field [empty with me]
    Subheading Field [empty with me]
    Description Field [empty with me]

    I think you misunderstood what I meant.
    here’s the structure I want..

    These are the front end index titles
    michael vick
    michael strahan
    sammy sosa
    mark mcguire

    now if I click michael vick it’ll take me to another page that has all of the articles indexed for michael vick. If I click michael strahan it takes me to a page with all the posts for michael strahan.

    I don’t want all the results of michael vick or strahan to show up on the front end just the index tag of articles that lead to a fuller page with a listing of all posts under that name.

    Well, but I still don’t get, why AZ Index won’t do that for you.

    You create a toplevel page with those names linking to the respectiv (sublevel?) index pages and on those respective index pages you have all those post relevant to each person.

    On the Index Pages itself all you need to put

    [az-index id=”1″]
    [az-index id=”2″]

    and it will pull up (alphabetically for instance) all post and pages tagged with whatever you chose to tag them with.

    Unfortunately az index isn’t doing that, it’s just doing one major index of everything with the subindex being the actual post itself.

    Well, AZ index does just that … your tagging is most likely off.

    Again … ALL post/pages must be tagged and the AZ indices need to have the respective tags in order to assemble your index.

    Then when you have your entry page with names and when you then click on a name and have that linked to the relevant Index it will show the post/pages tagged accordingly.

    However, if your queries are wrong, inconsistent and just plain off, then the indices won’t be what you desire.

    thanks, i guess i’ll continue to look into what i’m doing wrong.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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