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  1. jon_e
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hey all, need some help...

    Been doing some fairly light design and development work on http://www.lvasce.org/wip/.

    Here's the problem:
    The index page is set to display 10 posts at a time, which it's doing. However, when paging back to the second page, which correctly shows the 11th post, the site also retains a link to a 3rd, blank page.

    Some info:
    This problem arose when I was toying with a wp-sticky plugin. I know, I know...wordpress can do this without a plugin. My mistake, a big one too... Anyways, it didn't quite achieve what I wanted and I subsequently deactivated it and uninstalled.

    However, when I stumbled back to the index page, I noticed it was not indexing posts with the correct post limit. It was displaying 3 posts on the first index page, 2 on the next, and a few more on the 3rd - probably where the 3 pages is coming from. I deleted all of these original tests posts and hoped for the best. Well, like it is currently, it's back to displaying the correct number of posts per page, but it's clinging onto these three paginated pages...?

    Index.php looks fine, nothing suspicious going on in there, but there's still a wp_sticky table in my database (that appears empty), but I'm weary of deleting since I'm not as knowledgeable in that area of things.

    So it seems a database issue to me... Short of purging the database and starting anew, is there anyway to salvage this install? Any idea of what might be occurring here?

    Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

  2. jon_e
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Doh...nevermind. It appears the issue was related to the way I was filtering categories in my index.php file.

    Excluding categories via this method (down the page) works just fine, and paginates as expected:

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