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  • Hi There,

    Is there any way to block the wp-content/uploads page from being accessed by the general public?

    If i have uploaded something I am not putting on the site, I don’t really want the general populus seeing this.

    Can anyone help please?


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  • Sure with .htaccess 🙂

    At the very top put this:

    Options -Indexes

    Most appreciated.

    I am barely computer literate in alot of ways but have read up on the .htaccess just now but am unsure how to implement it.

    Is this within the wordpress platform?




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    No. .htaccess files are used by Linux servers generally.
    Creating an .htaccess file

    No need for all that. Just create a blank index.php or index.html and upload it to your uploads folder

    Doesn’t help your subfolders. You’d have to make an index.php in every single folder under uploads. .htaccess on the other hand covers everything 🙂

    @ipstenu agreed. people are uploading all kind of stuff to the “uploads” folder. I hate seeing the commercial theme I created uploaded there for the world to see 🙁 My thought is that, if the root is protected, one can only guess the wordpress-created folders (2012…2011…)

    Or one can right click on an image on your site, get the URL, and go to town :/ .htaccess is more robust, and pretty painless to apply. Once you can learn to edit the .htaccess, you can do anything! 😀

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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