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    As the topic says:

    If Indexpage is set in WP to “latest posts” the index is tagged as the latest post.
    So there is no default image even if it is selected in the NexGen settings.
    I would love to have a complete different and sure tagging for index.php (type: blog, profile, Website or so) for the index page, no matter which content WP is delivering.

    if you are still in the mood to programm:
    how about sepearate image tags for each categorie?



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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Have a go at the new dev version:


    Set your default author to None, and force the default author on the index and search pages.


    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Hmmm… Perhaps I mis-understood your question/request… Are you saying the index page is actually a single post? As in, WP’s “is_singular()” function is returning true? In that case, the page isn’t an index page, so the Use Default Image/Author on Index does not apply.


    in WP there is a setting where you choose, what is displayed when the visitor is surfing just to your domain without any special document given.
    ( like http://surniaulula.com , right?)

    its the first in “Reading”
    If you choose “latest Posts” index.php shows just a blog – but the Url in browseradresswindow is still your main adress.

    A link like http://surniaulula.com is of course the link you want to be promoted most. Its the index, right? so if someone is doing a like to this adress you want this like on facebook to appear as company, website or blog or whatever – but not as an article, which can be changed every second.

    so if index.php is liked, (whatever it shows) there should appear the description of index and the picture of your company on facebook not the description of an article, changing every day.

    and you promised to do that with the “default picture” in the settings right?

    just my 2 cents

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    If your front page is not an index, but a page or post, then it is not an index. The “use default image/author on index” options are for index pages, not for Posts and Pages.

    Posts and Pages have authors, published and modified dates, and tags — all associated with the “article” OG type.

    Unfortunately NGFB cannot do everything for everyone, and I think this may be the case. NGFB tries to provide OG tags based on the content available, and if WordPress says a webpage “is_singular()”, then it treats it as such.



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