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  • Hey all, posting this because I’m sure to need help sooner or later. I have glaciers of content built in InDesign: headings, body, tables, bullet lists, footnotes, etc. I’ll soon have a WordPress theme ready to go. Looking for resources, best practices and workflow examples to export InDesign to HTML (or XML?) to WordPress. I know about tagging, and I know some clean up will inevitably be needed. But specifically:

    1. Footnotes. What is the best practice for footnotes in WP? Anchoring each footnote to a footnote page (100s) and relinking each link inside the note, by hand, will kill me.
    2. Tables in InDesign aren’t exporting into HTML properly, something I’m missing?

    Had hoped it would be simple as exporting to HTML and then chopping it all up into WP pages. Seems as if unless the ID page is structured VERY carefully I’m in for a train wreck. Any advice or help you may offer is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • you’re mixing things. design is a one thing. content – like having a custom menu for footer with 100s links is another thing.

    you may use the very same design (theme) for a site with 5 footnote links and for another site with bazillions of them. still having the very same theme.

    or maybe you have a book-like document in inDesign and what to convert all chapters into separate pages. that would be another story 🙂

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