Indents and paragraphs - is there an easy way? (3 posts)

  1. newflesh
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm fiddling with a WP install for a project that's a fictional work and I want a bit of the "proper" typographic setup, with indents on all paragraphs but the first in each block. It's hard to get a flow in narrative, dialogue, characters' reflections and so on without it.

    The best way so far is going to the html editor and paste   before all paragraphs. But that has to be done at the last moment, since the visual editor eats such things if I should open the draft there.

    I could of course add indented and unindented styles of <p>, but that's even more more characters to add. Is there a way to add a button that applies styles for me?

    Or maybe even some tool that handles indents or simply tells the visual editor to leave certain things they way I want them?

  2. See this: http://rickbeckman.org/how-to-intent-the-first-line-of-your-paragraphs-in-wordpress-25/

    Though ... I'm 90% sure that 'proper' Internet typography means line breaks and not indents, but I'd have to talk to my teacher friends to be sure. It's not the custom to do so (nor is it to double space after the period, but I still do that).

  3. newflesh
    Posted 5 years ago #

    It's only half-way, since it indents all paragraphs. And it makes part of me shiver, since my teachers from the old days would get the switch if they spotted an indent after a blank line or header.

    With proper I meant for my purposes, which are to get things a bit more print-like. For the web in general I'm certain you are right.

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