Indentation and Special Character problems (2 posts)

  1. perpetualprose
    Posted 5 years ago #

    1. In some blog posts, I use accented characters for foreign names. WP likes to convert them (eg. Bashō is changed to Bash?).

    That forces me to drop the accent, which is inaccurate. Is there an easy workaround?

    2. After discovering WP's indenting problem, I started using the WP-Syntax plugin to post poetry on my blog with indented lines. However, when I try to float the text beside an image, it drops down to the bottom of the image. This only happens when I use the Syntax code. This makes it difficult to format my blog posts properly.

    Again, I need a workaround.

    This post shows both problems in action:


  2. perpetualprose
    Posted 5 years ago #

    1. WP strips my indents which I use for posting formatted poetry. So I use the WP-Syntax plugin. However, when I try to float the text next to an image it forces the text below the image.

    2. I use accented characters in foreign names and WP converts them into quetion marks and other such things, forcing me to drop the accents.

    I need easy workarounds for both of these annoying problems, thank you.

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