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    Great plugin but not all items i.e. both Parent and Children show on site in a list and can’t get Children to indent. Not a theme problem as it shows with indents when I use the Custom Menu widget. Tried various settings (and shows with indent under Assist). Settings are [custom_menu_wizard menu=9 title=”Topics:” ol_root=1].


    Jim Mc

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  • Plugin Author wizzud


    Do you have a web-accessible page I can take a look at?

    Plugin Author wizzud


    Thanks for the link…

    I can’t tell whether there are any items missing or not because there appears to be no other way to see the menu in question.
    What I can see is 2 instances of CMW, one using a UL root, the other an OL root.
    Both instances show the same 10 menu items. The OL-rooted CMW (headed “TOPICS:”) shows the 9 top-level items, and a solitary child item (below the first top-level menu item). The UL-rooted CMW (headed “LINKS:”) appears to have been output as “flat”, ie. all 10 items are show as top-level items instead of having the one child.
    If this 9 top-levels plus 1 child structure does not match the structure you have built in your custom menu then please let me know what that structure should be?

    Your “hueman” theme is clearing all margins and padding on UL, OL and LI tags (amongst others), and it is setting lists (UL & OL) to list-style: none outside none;. Unfortunately, there are no other CSS rules in place that match anything (by class, tag or structure) on the CMW instances, hence the lack of indentation.
    Without being able to see an instance of the Custom Menu widget I can’t tell what classes it may be being given (probably by your theme) that reinstate indentation, but I suggest you look at an instance and see if using the same classes on a CMW instance will provide the indentation you’re after.

    CMW does not provide any styling at all. The reason being that whatever styling I chose to supply, it would only suit maybe 1 in 1000 potential users of the widget (if I was lucky) … and anyway, that’s what themes are for.

    PS: Indenting a child is simply a matter of adding a suitable rule. As an example…

    .widget_custom_menu_wizard ol ul { margin-left: 2em; }

    Correct as to two instances. One (Topics) calls a page with posts from that Category. The other (Links) calls a page (via Link Library plugin) with links from that Category. I was playing around with Topics to try to figure out how to use Parent/Child and tried to set one Category as a Child so 9/1 is correct. Eventually I’ll set more Children.

    The balance of your comments exceed my knowledge of WP so I put a Custom Menu widget at the bottom of the sidebar which shows Topics with the indent in place if that helps.


    Plugin Author wizzud


    Thanks for adding the Custom Menu widget, it helps.
    Referring back to your original post:

    not all items … show

    Actually, CMW lists exactly the same menu items as WordPress’s Custom Menu, so this is not an issue.

    can’t get Children to indent

    Adding a Container Class (the Class option, under the Container section) of widget_nav_menu to the instance of CMW will resolve this, but do NOT set either to root-level or sub-levels to use an OL! Your theme only provides rules for UL tags.

    Regarding the difference between the LINKS: menu and the other 2 menus : the LINKS: menu is using linkslibrary-pages custom menu (the other 2 use categoriespoststopics) and either :

    1. the structure of the linkslibrary-pages is flat (ie. there are no children), or
    2. you have configured the CMW instance to produce flat output

    I can’t tell which.

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