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  • Gary Eckstein


    WordPress avoids duplicate URLs by adding an incrementing number to the end of a duplicate URL to make it unique. I don’t want this – I require WordPress to just not create the duplicate post:

    I have numerous blogs to combine into one. I am using the permalink structure: %category%/%postname% however I DON’T want WordPress 2.7 to add a ‘-2’ to the URL (i.e. increment) when it discovers a duplicate %category%/%postname%.

    Essentially there will be duplicates of %category%/%postname% so what I want it to do is not create the duplicate content – I want WordPress to keep the original post and just not create the duplicate posts.

    Assistance will be very very very much appreciated.


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  • Has anyone got a solution to this yet? I am having the same issue. I;ve recently imported a 12000 post typepad blog into wordpress and I need to be able to turn off the duplicate iterations until I have renamed the posts to the correct URLS. I dont mind hacking a bit out of the code but I don’t know where to start.

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