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    I just received a request from a potential client to update his wp site to the current version from what he’s now running (2.6). It’s a large site, if that makes a difference.

    Can someone let me know what potential risks I might be facing — I’ve never updated a site below 2.7. I expect there might be issues with plugins, maybe even the theme. What else can I look for? And how difficult is it to assess possible problems beforehand? Any ideas about how much work might be involved? This won’t be an automatic update obviously 🙂

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  • you are correct to do it incrementally
    I would deactivate all plugins and switch to default theme
    when you get to current version, switch themes to what you are using and see if it breaks – if so, it will need to be updated
    start activating plugins one by one to make sure they work – I’m sure all of them will prompt for an upgrade – you should do that 1st

    I just tried to update to 3.0.3 and it broke my site. I’m using Clean Home. It’s getting a “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

    what to do?



    Hi Lee,
    Well, I’d roll back to the last version that worked in order to get my site back up.

    You might be interested in this link regarding Clean Home theme: It looks like there are issues with that theme running with some of the later versions of WP. And if you’re going to be updating to the latest version – which is recommended – it seems you may have to use a different theme or spring for the pro version.

    I am using the Pro version on some sites, but not on the one that crashed. How do I go back to the last version of WP?


    You backed up before updating, right? If so, restore from your backup. If not, I would contact my host and ask them to restore from one of their backups and keep my fingers crossed 🙂

    I’m not sure how else to go about this. If there’s another way, maybe someone on this forum can chime in and educate both of us.

    also, look at your files with ftp client (make sure it’s set to show hidden files) or host’s file manager for a
    .maintenance file
    delete this if present and you should be good to go
    one of the last things the auto upgrade does is delete this file – maybe it got hung or kicked from the server somehow at that point

    That’s a nice piece of info to have. thanks for that.

    Yes, thanks! I ended up doing a restore and just had to fix a few things.

    All’s good, then 🙂 I’ll close out this thread if that’s ok.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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