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  • Hello there,
    I have added this code to my functions .php file shown in the link below and it works fine:

    How to add an incremental number in subject for a Ticket #, Entry #, etc.

    However this codes functionality only issues the ticket number to the owner of the email who the form is sent to. I need to find a way of issuing this ticket number to both the recipient of the email of the form and that same number to be issued in the confirmation email that is sent to the user how has filled out the form.

    I attempted to get the functionality working with a hacky fix so that the same ticket number was issued to both parties.

    I enabled confirmation email under the advanced tab and set the field tag for Confirmation email subject: to be [Ticket #’.$increment.’] but sadly that did not work.

    I’m assuming Mike Challis wrote the original PHP code for this so I’m hoping he does see this!

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  • I will need to put a filter hook for Confirmation email subject in the next update.
    then you can make a function for that subject as well. One difference will be that you do not increment the id number in the 2nd function.

    I will update that help page when this is done (probably on a weekend)

    Hello Mike,

    thank you for coming back to me on this. I don’t know if you’ve started to implement this functionality, but I’m willing to donate some money for your this issue if it warrants your development time.

    Once you have put a filter hook for Confirmation email subject in the next update I must confess that writing a function for that subject myself will be beyond my PHP abilities. Are you able to write this function that is required so that is contained with the other 2 functions?

    I will reiterate that I am willing to donate for this development time. The only requirements are that when a submit button is clicked on a form, the ticket number issued to the recipient (site owner) is also issued to the sender. This is in order that the website owner can say “What is your ticket/booking number?”. Then they are able to find this unique email that both the recipient and sender have a copy of.

    I am also looking for a way to autogenerate a unique ID, but I am not a coder so looking for an easy way to create one. Please let me know if there is any easy way to do this

    Ryan are you referring to the topic I have posted about? That the incremental ticket number sent to the recipient is also issued to the sender?

    This is in order so that they both have the same ticket number and the recipient can state what is your ticket number please?

    If not please post a separate issue as this will confuse people.

    Kind regards,


    It sounds like this would work for what I need. I need a ticket number/unique ID/reference ID/whatever to help me map the emails I receive to the emails the user receives. I am not that savvy with PHP and would like to know how to generate the ticket number/unique ID/reference ID/whatever. I honestly don’t know where I would insert the PHP code, so hopefully there is another way.

    Please let me know

    Thank you

    Hi, how did you go with this feature, as it is would be great.

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