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    Some times we do modifications, multiple times in a page.

    Now, if i´m not wrong, we can send multiple revisions, but each one of them, isolate of the others, so in the end, we can choose the one we like the most.

    But, what if, from the same page, we need a sentence from one revision and another sentence from a secondary revision?

    Can we keep editing and sending revisions each time we save a page and in the end, to decided wich version we like the most?
    (incremental revision where in the last revision, we have all the previous revisions integrated in one big long and final revision)

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    Hi @colomet. Thanks for using PublishPress Revisions.

    Sorry, we don’t the option to merge revisions like that at the moment.

    think about that as a feature request. The workflow will be like GitHub

    That request will allow to collaborate the full team, because each new user, can create a new revision (branch) and later, the las of the revisions will receive all the work. Easy to update and integrate the work if multiple revisions are required, like in education, non fiction articles…

    please, think about that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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