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  • Hope someone can help or point me in a direction. I do not program at all – can’t seem to be able to teach myself – but am willing to try again re my need a special counter. I need it for a site I am developing for a charity against SGBV / .com.
    I need a counter that calculates the time in seconds from a given date I input e.g. 1 November 2013. Then divides that number of seconds since that date by an integer I will input (calculated from e.g. number of seconds between rapes or murders or assaults in specific area.)
    The counter should then display / count how many rapes have taken place in that area since a specific date. Given the large numbers of rapes / assaults / murders in certain areas the start date will have to be changeable to say the 1st of the month or the count will become too large.
    Anyone know of somewhere I can get something like this?

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