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  • humankind


    I do not understand why the developers replaced the classic editor with this horrible, horrible system.

    Doing something as simple as trying to insert an image into existing paragraph/text is now incredibly difficult, if not impossible using this system, without employing a whole host of counter-intuitive steps.

    Blocks is broken. Blocks doesn’t work for most people. Gutenberg should not be standard in WordPress. This is one of the worst decisions ever.

    I guess if your wordpress site consists of graphic memes and youtube videos, this editor makes sense, but for the rest of us who want to add actual information, in the form of text and then worry about formatting later, this editor is an assault on any attempt to create a cohesive workflow that aligns with industry standards.

    Not everything needs to be modular. This plugin is a failure as a standard. It would make an ok add-on, but the classic editor is what should be in WordPress by default. It works the way most people expect. A whole new user interface in order to figure out how to add/edit content is unreasonable.

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