• I’ve been using this plugin for years and I generally have only great things to say about it. Since the last update, though, a resize grid appears over the image you want to crop that you then have to adjust from every direction to your liking. There’s no longer the functionality to click anywhere on the image and create your own image crop. A minor nuisance in the grand scheme of things, but not having this old reliable option anymore does make cropping a bit more time-consuming.

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    hi @hotnewfilm
    that is interesting, as this was/is not the normal behavior, at least for me. Normally whenever you choose an image-size, the crop-box with the maximum centered size should have been automatically drawn. Was that not the case for you before? Or do you mean, once you clicked outside the crop-box you could draw you own box.

    In the last release i changed to a more stable library for visualize the crop region. Before every other plugin may have influenzed the way, the crop region is shown. Now its more capsulated and secure – code wise.

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    Your correct that that was the case before, but, yes, you could also draw your own box before. And I miss that. I understand if removing that functionality is more stable, and I’m sure that for most people that’s perfectly fine (it is for us too), but I crop a lot of images that are covers of albums and home video releases, and as such we’re trying to crop around text. Before it used to be a breeze to do that (one click outside the crop box and a slide in one direction), but now it takes a lot more mouse moves to get the desired crop on each image, and we’re doing that to five images per article. Again, not a big deal, but the functionality is missed.

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