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  • As long as you’re familiar with the intricacies generally involved in proper CSV formatting and issues related to text file based importing into and exporting from databases, this is the tool you’re looking for to shlep content from one site (or host) to another without any need to mess around with database scripting. It’s has very clean operation and performs very well.

    I just can’t overstate the importance of the above opening qualifier, so I’m repeating it here: if you’re a web pro, this is your life saver. If you don’t know what database scripts are, or what CSV actually stands for – stay away. Just… Stay away. And above all, don’t blame the author for the inevitable results when you don’t heed this sincere but necessary advice.

    It’s a professional tool for professionals; it’s a bit like Apple has its particular quirks that design pros learn to understand first, then appreciate, and finally come to evangelize with unrelenting zeal. So there you have it: this plugin literally saves souls (even when you also hate the misuse of “literally”). Anyway. Just remember the first bit of this review and you’re good.

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