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  • laura.lee


    Here’s what he did for me: It has a volunteer schedule… the people can see what they have signed up for… it sends out confirmations… and reminders of their commitment… it gives you a full backend view of who has signed up for what.. and it even clears out expired dates on your sign up sheet. It takes care of mailing out the reminders in a system designed for WordPress. It’s SO EZ to set up and activate… and the best of plugins for any scheduling event.

    (It’s set up to be logged in users only. But I’ll other users do a “test drive” if you want to check it out.. for a while because my site isn’t fully set up yet. If you try it out… please log in… try it out… clear out what you signed up for… and then delete your membership please. And you can check out a “live version” of how this plug in works user side 🙂

    That’s the short version. Now, for the “wordy” Laura Lee edition:

    I am so impressed with the architect of this plug-in… because how this developer writes a plug-in is so cohesive with an overall scope of functional design. Like, it doesn’t simply “just do one thing”. It’s an all encompassing “communication system” that goes from A-Z with excellence. I’m WAY impressed. I would hire this man to do work for me because he has a mind that “puts it all together”. Like, he won’t just do one little thing that is a “stop-gap solution”… he’ll design an overall package where he thought of things you didn’t even ask for… to create an awesome turnkey program.

    This is my favorite developer right now!! Get ANY PLUGIN this man builds! It will be top notch! But if you hire him… you better not tie him up so that when my site is done he’s too busy to do my work for me! lol


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