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  • TranslatePress plugin for WordPress – Incredibly badly written plugin

    If you like to feel frustrated then TranslatePress is a great choice. It’s one of these few plugins that sometimes work, most of the time doesn’t.
    Also asking for support for help doesn’t give any added value. You will receive advice which is close to “try to restart the computer”. They have no clue what is going on.

    TranslatePress plugin for WordPress – Don’t use

    Maybe security, maybe caching, maybe minifying… God knows what cause that this piece of the pathetic plugin doesn’t work.

    Oh did I mentioned it mess up with internal links is something you should expect?

    The most amazing error message is:
    “This string is not ready for translation yet.”
    And… nothing is happening.

    I have no clue why this plugin is in the repository of WordPress.
    Should be removed.

    So… if your mood is too good, please install TranslatePress Plugin for WordPress and try to make it work.

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  • Plugin Author adispiac


    Hi Lukasz,

    Sorry you feel this way. Since you purchased the premium version I looked at our internal support system and saw that all your support tickets have been answered and you were given helpful advice every time.

    Since you’re using TranslatePress on more than 10 websites in different setups, sometimes edge cases may occur. One example was the ticket you submitted where the fix was updating Yoast to the latest version. Either way, we’re happy to help moving forward if you can be more specific about what’s not working. And yes, since we don’t have access to your setup there are certain debug steps we need to follow.

    Also, unlike this review, your tickets were always using a polite and respectful language. If we can stick to that moving forward we’re happy to help.

    Thread Starter lukaszzelezny


    Check this:
    That chap wrote almost exactly what I said.

    Since you’re using TranslatePress on more than 10 websites in different setups, sometimes edge cases may occur

    Edge cases… no comments.

    I would be fine if it’s only plugin cost.
    But its also DeepL API/ Google API that generate additional cost so you MUST be sure your plugin works perfect. Otherwise people waste lots of money.

    And also WHY there is no “star from scratch” option that allow to delete all translation? Why do we need to use PhpMyAdmin. I feel like I am back to year 2001.
    In case of complete crash there should be “delete all translation and start from scratch”

    Plugin Author adispiac


    Hi Lukasz,

    Yes, edge cases. WordPress websites have tens of plugins interacting with each other. It’s not a controlled environment, like a SaaS. Therefore sometimes things break.

    My colleagues reached out to see if there’s anything specific you need help with and what issues you’re facing, but never heard back from you. If you’re not willing to receive help, there’s not a lot we can do at this point.

    I get that you’re frustrated, but trashing a plugin without offering constructive feedback is a disservice to its users.

    P.S. I’ve written down your suggestion on having an option to delete all translations and we’ll discuss it internally in our next development meeting.


    I loved Translatepress, but now i hate it.
    So many bugs. And bad support. Slug translations goes wrong, url errors ect…
    Php 8.0 not working.

    Plugin Author adispiac


    Hi @nortom, the issues with PHP 8 were fixed in a couple of days, as of June 14th. Did you update to the latest version and still encountered them?



    Still the same problem.

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