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  • Now what do you make of it, when support says they could help you, but they are not willing to?

    I just can’t believe this happened:

    I asked them for help about something with a possibly easy solution. First the said OK, they will send me the CSS if I give them my website address, which I did. Then they said they were not willing to help me because I was using another LMS, Tutor LMS.

    First of all, it is not true. I was (and still am) using BOTH their plugin AND Tutor LMS, and they could clearly see that both of these are active on my website.

    What is happening with these people? I have never heard of anything like this before.
    No wonder there are so many one star ratings for them, especially because o their support and their approach to costumers.

    This is all the more disappointing (or perhaps lucky), because I was already considering paying for their plugin. Not any more. What else do they have in store later? Stopping support because they don’t like your website colour? Not helping you because you are using another plugin not related to the LMS but which they hate?

    Stay away from them.

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  • I just read your review, and I’m trying to understand it so I can make an informed decision.

    You have 2 LMS plugins active at the same time? So like having 2 drivers driving the same car at the same time, and one can’t help you because you have another one already driving the same car? Is that what made you upset?

    It’s probably exactly why “…they said they were not willing to help me because I was using another LMS” meaning that since you have another LMS “active” as you said, action taken can effect the behavior of that LMS.

    I’m sorry, I’m just confused by your explanation.

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    Jut to clarify for readers (but the support people knew this from my request for support), I am not using either of these plugins, I am testing them out before choosing one. This was very clearly stated for them, and they could also see it with their own eyes when they looked at my website.

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