• I couldn’t be happier. We were using another similar search service but they increased prices to the point of being unjustifiable for search with a relatively small product catalog. We were able to get this up and running quickly including being able to tweak it to our liking.

    This solution is FAST and I really like the presentation and user experience. We looked at other options and I only found one other that seemed to have similar speed and not outrageous pricing for our size, but it was not as good in user experience and would require a lot more work to get configured the way we want.

    I ran into a small issue for which we are probably very much an edge case. I submitted it to support and they took it to the developers. I had already done some work to solve it and submitted a patch. The developers were very gracious to look at what I had done and incorporate the fixes into the main code base. I don’t know if they used any of what I sent or not, but it doesn’t matter, it was their receptivity, cooperation and desire to just fix things to cover our use case. Very rare these days that I get that kind of reception from plugin authors. They would have fixed it if I did nothing, but they handled it above and beyond expectations.

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