• torsten3d


    I maintain 60+ sites, most with <100 pages. I don’t wanna call names but Powered Cache does the same incredible job like the bigger, well known tools here. Additionally it combines the best properties. Just having a well sorted, short list of option. Not more not less what you need. A blazing fast caching process. It’s lightweight on the backside and speeds the site up.

    At least, all values tested along the plugins where nearly the same, but my heart goes to Powered Cache for not doing the biggest marketing offensive or claiming to have the highest scores ever. But you can compere them yourself and some may have that specific option you need or not. It depends on your personal needs of course.

    On Top, the support for the pro version is on top. Mostly same day answers. Very detailed and always helpfull.
    To be honest, i don’t need the Pro Version cause i already use an image optimizer also Powered Cache, and think my sites don’t profit that much from Critical CSS, and the lite version has no offensive ads, but the Support – if needed – is worth the money and a good contribution for the plugin author to continue his work here.

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