• I’m updating my review after having used this plugin for a few months. I was excited at its potential upon discovering it. It has a lot of amazing features that are free out of the box such as BBPress integration, private user messaging (that shows up instantly and looks really professional), user blogs, great looking profiles and custom profile options, notifications that work without taxing your server to badly, lots of other plugins and features.

    Within the course of using the extension I had several problems. The staff was pretty quick to respond, usually within a day or so. Over the past month they released several new versions, each version contained crippling bugs. It seems very little or none at all version testing goes into each release. Towards the end of my use of this extension I would report really big bugs and just started getting messages like “we know there is a bug here and it will be corrected in the next version”. Problem is it’s now been weeks and if the site I was using this extension for was live (or had a large user base) this time period for these critical bugs would be absolutely unacceptable.

    I also really don’t like the “Registration Magic” plugin integration which seems to be the basket the Metagauss company, which owns this extension, is putting all their eggs in. Registration Magic should be a small, up gradable extension for ProfileGrid, not the other way around. Additionally when testing paid user group accounts, at least via PayPal sandbox, users would be added to groups whether or not the payment went through. This may work better when you’re using their “Registration Magic” plugin, but I did not try that. I don’t want a massive second plugin for registering when I already have Profile Grid installed.

    What it seems to boil down to is there is not enough resources (or possibly care) going into the handling of new features and bug fixes for this plugin. This plugin offers more for free, but can’t seem to juggle everything all at once. For this reason I’d rather pay more than get a bunch of features for free, and feel assured that since more resources are being poured into it, it will be run through proper testing, quickly updated if critical errors or found, etc. I may come back to this plugin in the future and give it another shot, would recommend anyone reading this do the same.

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    Hi @sicutunum,

    Thank you for an honest and amazing review.

    The feature to add ‘T&C Checkbox” field in registration form is already there. You may configure the field settings to make it mandatory.

    Regarding email field, administrator may hide it from users’ profile by configuring the option “Display on Profile Page” in field settings. Here are the steps to achieve it:

    1) Login to WordPress Dashboard. Go to ProfileGrid menu.

    2) All groups will be listed here. Go to the “Fields” link for a group.

    3) Next you will see the list of fields for that group. You can edit, delete or add fields from here.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Awesome! I thought I looked over the docs fairly well, but went back, and there it was, the info I was looking for directly in the getting started guide. I hate doing that, especially when people work so hard to make something so available. Sorry. Thanks for your help!

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