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    I am totally new to wordpress and I am trying to set up my page. I am using Oxygene theme and my site is this:

    I want to learn how to increase the width of my posts so that they look like this :

    Could any of you guys help me with this and tell me what should I do, please?

    Also I would like to extend the lenght of text that shows immediately beneath the pictures of posts (to 5 or 6 lines). Is this possible?

    Thank you so much! 🙂


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  • The site you linked to is doing it wrong on 2 accounts.

    1. It uses hard pixel for the new width, so theme loses its responsiveness.

    2. New dimention hasn’t been set to Feature image.

    That site is a blog hosted at so it can’t do the (2.) which requires PHP, but for (1.) it could do with the right CSS.

    Be a bit careful on new image size, don’t forget to take into account the proportion of it.

    The same image when displayed at certain width might look good and well suited to the surrounding elements, but increasing the width while keeping the same proportion might make that same image look too big at same spot.

    Thank you so much, you are right I hadn’t notice these faults abt that blog.

    Also I would like to extend the lenght of text that shows immediately beneath the pictures of posts on the from page, recent articles. I would like it to be about 10-12 lines. Please, could you tell me how can I do this?


    text that shows immediately beneath the pictures of posts on the from page, recent articles.

    That text is the excerpt, which you could manually control via WP admin.

    When writing post, just put in the excerpt manually in the excerpt box down below the post editing box. If you don’t see the excerpt box, look over to the top left and pull down the Screen Options and “check” to display excerpt box.

    10 lines of text is a bit long for excerpt though, not sure if you want to show full content ? if that’s the case you have to edit PHP template.

    Considering the design aspect of this theme, I think it’s well designed to the point that if you change one thing it would ruin the rest.

    Thanks found the excerpt! Thants what i needed 🙂

    Not sure if you intend to have it that way, but it’s worth pointing out that if you want the url on your page to be a page name you could do so by setting it here.

    Just go with month and name, which makes the most sense for blog.

    So for example,

    instead of /?page_id=123 you will have this /about

    and on the post you will have this /2013/05/hello-world-post, not this /?p=345

    Yeah, I was thinking bout the same thing a couple of minutes ago. Thanks for the link, I will try to read it and get things done properly. If I encounter any problem with this (which I hope not), can I ask for your help once more? 🙂

    Have a nice day! Thanks!


    Only one more small question. It would be perfect for me if I could add a facebook like button on the first page right near the excerpt of each article, so that my visitors see my likes for every post when they access the front page.

    Can you please help me with this too?


    For this in particular, I would suggest to go with a plugin, because it’s more convenient than putting code in the theme, and when Facebook update its API, the plugin author will take care of that.

    Just so you know, this is a community forum, you will get help from many users. You could ask as many questions as you like, but it’s best to keep one topic per issue, should you have another new question you could just create a new topic for it.

    To create a topic that’s specific to a theme, go to the theme page and click on “Support” tab and then create topic from there. Your topic will automatically be tagged with theme name and be in that theme’s support forum.

    So for Oxygen theme, you’d go to the theme page here and click on “Support” tab and create topic

    Will do so! Thanks for all your help!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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