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    So basically I am not understanding this or something is terribly wrong. I have database backup so no worries but..

    Today I tried to bulk increase price for 8 products. I want to increase their price by 5%.

    So basically I open your plugin, select specific category and all 8 plugins were selected correctly. Only thing I change from the bulk edit list is Price change.

    I select “Increase by Percentage ( + %)” and I enter 5%.

    However every time I run this all of these prices are increased exactly by 10% ????

    Example a product which was 3.349.00 after bulk edit is 3692,27

    That is increase by 10% not 5% ?

    Correct 5% increase should be somewhere around 3.516,45 ?? Not 3.692,27 right??

    What am I doing wrong?

    Btw this is less important, but is it possible to increase price by 5% but end up with xxxx,00 amount. Like the last two digits to be always rounded to zero?

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    Yep I double checked everything. Every time I try to increase prices by 5% I end up with an increase of 10.2419% not 5%

    Plugin Author ELEXtensions


    Hello, We have checked the scenario at our end, and is working as expected to calculate the regular price correctly if we increase the price by 5 %. This case might be specific to your site. Kindly raise a support ticket with us with the site details. We shall check that out.
    Moreover, we do have a feature wherein you can round up/down the price to the nearest value. You can check this functionality if you want to round up/down to some value.

    Thread Starter sino27


    Well..It’s a client website so I am not allowed to provide you with the access to it.

    It is very easy to point finger at me or the website, but I am running woocommerce for clients like 8 years now and have had 0 problems with other extensions. I won’t say I am professional because today everyone calls themselves “pro”. However I invested my share of time in woocommerce, server technology etc. Having my own servers running (CentOs 8) I wouldn’t call myself a beginner level either.

    Moreover typing number “5” isn’t exactly a science in itself. As you can see in my screenshot everything is correct, I definitely didn’t typed “10” or something else.

    It can not be more straightforward then it is. I wanted to increase price by 5%, I definitely type 5% – yet every time I am ending with increase of 10.2419%

    I’ll pass your plugin for now.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Plugin Author ELEXtensions


    Hello @sino27,

    Allow me to help you on this. Can you please try disabling all other plugins except elex bulk edit and woocommerce to ensure this is not being caused by a conflict with any other plugin?
    We can arrange a screen-sharing session and we can help you out by checking online.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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