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  1. tiosolid
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi, all of a sudden my blog started using something like 1000~3000 queries to show a page! Whats the matter?

    Using the debug query plugin, I found that the problem is with my nested pages. I have a 'tutorials' page, and a subpaged called 'psp', like http://www.mysite.com/tutorials/psp.

    While showing the 'tutorials' page, It gets something like 200~300 queries per exibition, but the big problem is when you try to show a page nested inside the 'psp' category, like:

    My queries logs show something like 2000~3000 queries in these pages! And its just the same query repeated over and over again, like:
    SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= '286' LIMIT 1

    SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= '287' LIMIT 1

    Where the page with the id 286 is the 'psp' page, and 287 is the 'tutorials' page. These pages are killing all the resources of my server because of these looped queries. How do I fix it??

    I already tried disabling all my plugins but the problem still happens

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