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  • I’m wondering if theres a way to hack the Edit Post screen to allow a 3rd (or even 4th) column, like the dashboard has.

    Let me preface this, I use a 20″ monitor and surf with my browser maximized.

    The Problem:
    I have no need for a 1000px+ wide text editor and would rather make it smaller and gain an extra column to organize the options better.

    Ideally have 3 columns on the Edit Post screen, the first slightly larger for the body text, and two smaller ones next to it for all the options.

    Has the added benefit of not having to scroll down to access all the options for a post. Plus it would help the proofreading/typing process as ideal line length is something around 12-16 words. Right now in my case it’s about double that. Which makes reading and proofing a pain. I don’t want to have to change my browser size just to make a post.

    I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t been included in the core already, it’s a waste of valuable space for people with wide monitors, and has been bugging me for a long time. I don’t imagine it would be hard to implement either.
    I think the whole admin side should just dynamically adjust columns based on screen width so I can seamlessly go from my netbook to my desktop, with out having to change settings every time.

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  • Hi Larry,

    Although i spend most of my time on a laptop i can appreciate what you’re saying, when i’m at another PC with a larger screen it makes more sense to utilise the extra width, i wouldn’t mind an option for more columns when the screen can utilise it.

    I took at look at some of the underlying code and it appears the postbox javascript at least supports upto 4 columns(per the dashboard), the only area lacking support is the post editor screen, specifically edit-form-advanced.php.

    I’d suggest posting an idea on the ideas section.

    Or if you’re code literate a feature request on Trac with a patch.

    This is only intended as a proof of concept to show how it would work(the code below is a quick hack), and does require a core file modification..

    First open, wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php, find this line…

    $side_meta_boxes = do_meta_boxes($post_type, 'side', $post);

    And add the following code before it..

    if( 'post' == $post_type )
        $side_meta_boxes2 = do_meta_boxes( 'post', 'column3', $post );

    Then add the following to your theme’s functions.php file.

    add_action( 'admin_head-post.php', 'testing_extra_column' );
    function testing_extra_column() {
    	global $post_type;
    	if( $post_type != 'post' )
    <script type="text/javascript">
    	$('#column3-sortables').prepend('Column 3 is here').css({'width':'300px','float':'right'});

    You’ll at least get to see what it would look like it WordPress supported an extra column… bearing in mind that’s what i’ve thrown together over the course of 10 minutes.

    Hey mark thanks for your help!
    I’ll try this out on my local install a little later tonight.

    Have never posted a feature request on trac, but would really love to see this added to the core.

    I’d love to see this too. When using WordPress as a general purpose CMS, rather than a mere blogs, the amount of metadata, taxonomies and custom fields inevitably increase. The option of a third column to organise them in would be helpful.

    What would be extra neat would be the capacity to arrange two columns underneath the content box, like so:

    |   main content   | rhs |
    |------------------|     |
    |  col 1  |  col2  |     |

    I would love this aswell

    Perhaps someone could start by adding the request on the ideas section.

    Your login there is the same as in the forum.


    You have my vote! And i’d encourage anyone who supports this idea to cast their votes over on the ideas section to… 🙂

    Based on Mark’s hack code, I created a plugin to do this: It’s very simple (the code is shorter than the copyright notice) but has the advantage of not editing any core files. If people approve, I’ll publish it for real.

    Hi Marcus,

    The zip is empty

    Ahem. Bug number one fixed. 🙂

    Works great, thanks!

    Any idea how to apply the third column for just a certain post type?

    I could add a settings page for it, or you could edit the plugin code yourself – it’s pretty simple.

    There is already a setting in the header for the number of columns, I wonder how it might hook into that?

    Here’s a single file version that can be easily copied into your functions file.

    Uncomment the two commented lines to apply the code to a specific post type..

    Thanks Mark,

    However, it still loads the css (obviously) even on the types that are not specified.

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